A Holographic vs. Linear Perspective

There is a revolution in spiritual consciousness taking place in our world right now, a revolution that has been building for several decades. It represents a quantum shift in our perceptions, our awareness of the intimate link to our souls or inner selves, to our brothers and sisters, and to all living beings. This revolution in consciousness demands changes in our archaic "tunnel-vision" views of reality, it requires that we embrace the larger picture, a Holographic Perspective.

This is a new cutting-edge theory of philosophy presented by Stanislov Grof, who calls it the "holographic mind" or the "holographic universe." Holography is a photographic process that uses laser-coherent light of the same wavelength to produce three-dimensional images in space. As a result of this technology, a complete three-dimensional image can be "unfolded" from any fraction of the hologram. It can be cut into many pieces and each part will still be capable of reproducing an image of the whole.

The Holographic Perspective is a complete multidimensional frame of reference as opposed to a linear or flat perspective of reality. Altering a single component of the holograph simultaneously alters every other component within it. As we evolve, we change the holograph by our shifts in consciousness, creating a distinctly different "picture". This impacts all of Creation. From this perspective, the holograph is in constant flux, reflecting the balance or imbalance within the universe.

Within the Holographic Universe, we are all One. Because of this, it is important that we be in a constant state of integrity, not only with ourselves, but with one another. Remember, what we are, do, and think impacts everyone. We must even take responsibility for all of the emotions we feel.

The key to evolution is your willingness to become self-empowered, to see yourself as the cause rather than the effect. The degree to which you feel "in charge" of your life affects your ability to create Your own reality. Important in all this is your willingness to assume responsibility for your own life, to acknowledge that you are presented with constant choices, and have the final say in what happens. Seeing yourself as a victim is a "cop-out", as is blaming others for the outcome.

As we ground, clear, balance, and protect our energies, we allow a process to occur whereby we can begin to infuse our bodies (the physical, mental, and emotional) with spiritual energy, thus clearing ourselves of unwanted negative patterns.                                                                       

Spiritual energy is comprised of two aspects: the masculine principle, and the feminine standard. On a spiritual level, the masculine energies express predominantly through the physical and mental bodies; the feminine energies express predominantly through the spiritual and emotional bodies.

The masculine energies tend to be self-serving, while the feminine energies tend to be more selfless in nature. Also, expressed through the masculine and feminine principles is the duality of giving and receiving. Inherent to the feminine standard is the desire to heal, and the counterpart in the masculine dynamic is the action-orientation that creates movement.

Using the breath as a way to connect spiritually is not as valid as we have been led to believe. In the yogic tradition, some feel that the "breath of life," or prana, comes into the body through the lungs. This is a misconception, but it works for those who practice this procedure, due to the strength of the belief system that surrounds this practice.

In reality, spiritual energies move into the physical body through the chakra system. Contained within the chakra system is the genetic coding that connects us to our evolutionary past, our dynamic present, and our probable future. Using various techniques, it is possible to activate that genetic coding, setting up a dynamic for the unfolding of all that we are.

While practicing these techniques, you as the practitioner, will strengthen your ties to the various kingdoms (animal, vegetable, and mineral), planets, and universes.

These exercises will allow you to quickly access who you truly are.

Simultaneously, with this you will increase your vibrational rate, your ability to heal, and your power to manifest what you really want.

In short, the primary intention is to assist you in moving from a linear self of limited understanding to a holographic or multidimensional sense of who you are.

Along with this, as you move the spiritual energies through the chakra system and into the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, you can begin to consciously activate your gifts, talents, and extrasensory abilities.

I have come to realize that the glands and organs of the physical body have metaphysical properties or functions. Very few of us have an awareness of these metaphysical functions.

In Chapter 24, I shall define which glands or organs are connected with a particular psychic gift, (such as the appendix being the seat of telepathy), and how to activate or sharpen that specific ability. As Ken Carey states in his book, Starseed, The Third Millennium, published in 1991: "These glands [in the endocrine system] bridge spirit and matter. They are the biologic receptors that translate the higher-frequency information picked up by the etheric disks (the chakras of yogic tradition) into language the nervous system can recognize. They are designated to audit ultrafine frequencies, bringing both sensory and what some would call extrasensory impressions into your awareness.

The building blocks of our work are the masculine and feminine energies; that is, balancing and merging them within the chakra system, and the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

When we incorporate all of the other aspects of who we are (mineral, plant, animal, angelic), we begin to move beyond concepts of space and time and we are capable of fully embracing our many dimensional nature. When we bring the planetary and star energy into our chakra system we are fully able to encompass our God-like nature. All of our aspects and multidimensional selves merge into one totality, although we still have an awareness--in space and time--of this particular embodiment. With this level of awareness, which is 14th dimensional in nature, we can simultaneously embrace a particular experience or incident in our lives; we can overlay it with who we are dimensionally.

As we equally envelop spirit, energy, and matter on a spiritual level, truth versus illusion on a mental level, love versus fear on an emotional level, unlimitedness versus limitedness on a physical level, we begin to access states of Christ and cosmic consciousness.

In summary, the linear experience of our reality limits our understanding of ourselves as interdimensional spiritual beings. The sum of who we are includes numerous multiple selves on many different dimensions. Our 3rd plane existence has encased what the shamans call monochronic time (a rigid concept of past, present, and future) as all there is. The holographic experience views our existence as multidimensional, multi-aspected, one that moves within a fluid framework of polychronic time (a non-linear, quantum, "Eternal Now" with multiple realities).

©1995  Emerald Star Publishing. From the book, Healing With The Rainbow Rays by Alijandra.  Duplication requires permission from the publisher. All rights reserved.