The 13 Rays of Creation

Excerpts from the book Healing with the Rainbow Rays: The Art of Color Energy Therapy:

My spiritual guides inform me that they see the universe as having 13 distinct rays that form the rainbow of energy that spirals out of the Source of Creation, or God. At this level, the 3rd dimension, the rays are perceived as pigments. As you climb up the dimensional levels, the colors become more radiant. The chakra system in the human body mirrors these divine rays exactly.

One comes into physical existence under the protective umbrella of one particular ray. Each of the 13 rays, or energies, represents a particular learning lesson. It appears that the Source set it up so that each ray exemplifies not only specific aptitudes of expression, but challenges and tests that expression. (See chart 2-2 below.)

Rays can be blended for use in healing. You will find, as you go along, that these blended rays start to automatically come through you.

The Rays at the Physical Level

The first of the physical colors. Warm. A good color for grounding your essence into the physical body. Wonderful for energizing a fatigued body.
A physical color. Warm. Good for creativity, vitality, and sexual expression.
A physical color. Warm. Very good for getting in touch with your power. Deals with human ego and self-love.
Physical healing. A blend of warm and cool. The all-purpose healer. ("When in doubt, use green.")
Emotional healing. Warm Unconditional love energy.
Translucent Blue
Emotional. Cool. Excellent for communication.
Mental/Spiritual. Cool. Excellent for clairvoyance and mental activity.
Spiritual. Cool. Wisdom. Enlightenment.
Feminine energy of Creation. The cosmic "Mother" energy. Use it to balance the female part of you.
Masculine energy of Creation. The cosmic "Father" energy. Use it to balance the male part of you.
Protection energy. Contains all the rays within it. Surround yourself in it to provide protection from dubious energy.
Truth and clarity. Contains all the rays within it. To achieve a clearer vision of Truth.
Movement, grounding, and testing. Contains all the rays within it. Good for energy blockages, stagnation, and lack of good grounding. (See chapter 16 for more in-depth explanation.)