Facilitating World Change

This current newsletter will have an emphasis on world healing and transformation. My own personal belief is that it begins with each of us and that as we work on our own issues and baggage, we then have an obligation to the rest of our global family to offer our services. And since, by this time in one's growth, we have now decided to embrace Oneness, truth, unconditional love, and peace, we are not interested in anything beyond that for our planet. In other words, you don't see the serious devotee of spiritual self-realization interested in perpetrating terrorism or war. For these are an anathema to him or her.

In the past 5 months our little local healing group took the opportunity to attempt to avert events already set in motion. The first, last June 1, was in response to numerous dreams, visions, clues, etc by one of our healers regarding a probable terrorist attack in New York City on June 8,  involving the subways and Yankee Stadium.  She is highly psychic, as well, and "saw" 9/11's devastation 2 weeks before--that time without a location or specific date. Her credibility is such that the FBI was eager to question her a few times for what she was receiving.

We did our healer link-up process, and using a map of the US and Canada, proceeded to use an energy "dragnet" from the northeastern tip of Canada through the entire continent, finally disposing of the harnessed, then recycled energy mass into a designated place in the Pacific Ocean. We used our remote viewing skills, locating pockets of intense negative energies. We used a Chi Gong dissolving technique coupled with color flames to do the "dragnet".  After an intense 2 hours, we felt complete. And with relief, we watched June 8, 2002 come and go without an incident.

Our "psychic" healer has also had no more visions or dreams about another attack. That is not to say that one won't be coming, but she is not currently privy to another potential attack at this time.

On October 2, 2002, we met again for the purpose of clearing the war-mongering energies so pervasive at this time. We focused on Washington DC, which needless to say, needed a lot of clearing. It needed as much clearing as the map of the Middle East which we went over meticulously with the "dragnet" energy link. This told us volumes about all participants in this latest conflict!

How much all of this has helped, we really have no idea. We just felt that we needed to give of our services in the way we knew how using our energy healer skills. My thanks to those who participated in one or more of the events:  Harriet, Adrienne, Diana, Hilda, Jill, Sharon, Sherry and Rana, in addition to all of the other beings we called into the sessions to help us. (There were far more of them!)

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