The Importance of Eliminating Negative Ego

In my lifetime of growth (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) I have come to realize that there is one area that cannot be shirked, cut short or denied. It is in the area of our psychology--our mental ideas and emotional expression, and then how these manifest in our physical bodies. When once acknowledged and examined, what we have embraced for a lifetime and beyond may, to be sure, cause us unsettlement at best, perhaps even anguish and remorse at the worst of it.

But the deck must be cleared for us to gain full illumination and planetary ascension. We generally begin with the karmic cleansings, but neglect the often subtler snares of the negative ego.

The negative ego may be defined as coming from the lower self and not from the God-Self or higher self. This lower self, by "virtue" of living on the earth plane, is prey to the full range of lower density expressions which include fear, judgment, shame and guilt, victimhood, prejudice, rage, hate, greed, lust, addiction, arrogance, violence, jealousy, and unfortunately much more. What hope do we have of transcending these densely negative expressions? It seems so difficult, doesn't it?

These conditions were created by us as a mass consciousness which then made them real on this plane. Move to other levels and you don't see these emotions ruling the beings. Since we participated in creating them, we can make a decision to not give them any more energy and expression. It can stop now.

Watch where your thoughts go and what you make your own. No longer choose to dwell in negativity. Switch to a life-affirming, God-centered way of perception. See how and what you create for yourself on a daily basis. If things still are not as you want them, consider how pattern-driven you may be.

We begin by finding and routing out the places in our emotions, minds and physical bodies where they are stored. It can be a painful experience at times. but extremely rewarding when one bravely locates and clears the offending entrenched patterns. There are a number of different techniques in different modalities, including the Color Energy Healing and Transfigurational Matrix Healing modalities that have been developed to aid us in this.

We will often see how many negative ideas and emotions we have embraced have their origin in other life experiences. When we dig deep we find their core and begin the process of eliminating their holds on us. To compare it to computer jargon; our software has been misprogrammed, or a virus has entered which skews the efficient running of our network.

We don't have to completely clean up (if that is fully possible on this plane) before we pursue our higher goals of healing, enlightenment, etc. Doing both in tandem seems to work quite well. The danger is that one begins to feel all powerful as a healer, or psychic or spiritual teacher, disavowing any flaws in their being or being unaware of their ego-driven patterns.

The bottom line is that our spiritual guidance will only allow so much spiritual realization without the corresponding growth in other areas before they step in and put the stops on, so to speak. Courageously work on your stuff starting today!

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